Quality at a glance

Strong on boarding process + rigorous processes + technology + focus on linguistics = you’re happy with stellar translations


Lingusits should meet minimum qualification criteria



Candidates get tested against our comprehensive  linguistic style guides



Again Testing

Linguists are ‘blindly’ tested to check their reliability, flexibility and availability


Initial training

Each new vendor gets trained on our linguistic, tech & procedural requirements


Focused trainings

Linguists get client-specific trainings and are assigned to 1-2 clients only

Vendor rating

Linguists are rated for each project they fulfilled based on: quality, meeting deadline, raising queries, availability criteria

Rating in use

When allocating linguists to a new project, PM checks the rating and selects the most appropriate linguist


Ratings get updated daily based on results of linguistic quality assessments performed with the help of our proprietary LQA tool linQ.




For each translation, a translator and an editor receive a timely and detailed feedback

Non-stop learning

Linguists work with corrections and learn by doing. That’s a part of our continuous mobile learning


We use a pro, yet simple TMS to manage our projects and get all translation steps under control


Clients’ translation memories & glossaries, leveraging repetitions & quality checks are done with CAT tools. Our fav is Memsource. We also work in MemoQ, Trados Studio, XTM and some other proprietary customer CATs



Our fav Verifika helps us control a great deal of linguistic and formatting issues ensuring less errors

Quality measurement

you always receive translation with the guaranteed quality index no less than 98.5%

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